Frequently Asked Questions

What time can I arrive?

Check In: 11am –7.30pm | Check Out any time before 2pm

If you are unable to arrive between these times please contact us before your stay at camping@hook-farm-west-hoathly.co.uk

What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive you will see our reception kiosk where you will need to check in before proceeding onto the site. The site staff will explain to you where all the facilities are and the various fields for camping.

What facilities are there?

We have composting toilets, chemical toilets and cold water standpipes spread across the site so you will always have one near to you. New for 2023 we now have a shepherd’s hut shower trailer providing hot showers! Our campsite ethos is to keep it as ‘wild’ as possible.

What is the layout?

The campsite is large so plenty of room to camp, play and wander. The campsite is split into four fields each with its own character.

Where will I be able to pitch?

You decide! You can choose your pitch on arrival as we do not allocate pitches. There is a wide variety of pitches across the site to cater for most people’s preferences.

Can I park next to my pitch?

Most pitches are accessible by car, however, in wet weather, some pitches in the lower fields are only accessible on foot/4×4

Can I have a campfire?

Yes! You can have a campfire on the ground next to your pitch, you do not need a fire pit. Firewood is available for sale on-site, we do not allow the burning of construction wood, pallets or other waste woods onsite.

Can I bring my dog?

We allow well-behaved, friendly dogs onsite. If your dog has poor recall (or a habit of raiding others barbeques!) please ensure it is kept on a lead. We do not allow aggressive dogs onsite so if your dog exhibits this type of behaviour please do not bring them to the campsite!

Can I bring a campervan?

Small VW-type campervans are allowed onsite, however, larger vans and motorhomes are not permitted due to the site access limitations.

Can I play music or have a party?

No, we have a very strict no-music policy so music of any kind is not allowed onsite. Hook Farm is a family campsite with a large number of young children onsite so our vibe is very much quiet nights and children playing during the day. We have an 11.30 pm quiet night policy where we ask all campers to keep voices down to quiet campsite chatter. We also ask that campers consume alcohol responsibly, we are not a suitable venue for excessive consumption.

Can I change my booking?

If you need to amend, reschedule or cancel your booking please get in touch with us at camping@hook-farm-west-hoathly.co.uk

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