Dog Friendly Camping


Dog friendly camping is a must for any weekend away with your four-legged companion. Amidst Sussex’s natural beauty, you and the whole family can experience an unparalleled camping experience at Hook Farm Campsite. Our dog-friendly campsite offers a unique experience between man and canine, so long as they are both on their best behaviour!

Unleash the Adventure

Engage in a variety of thrilling outdoor adventures that can be tailored for your pup. Whether you’re enjoying a hike through local scenic trails, fishing on calming lakes or just enjoying the vast open spaces of our dog-friendly campsite, your furry friend will be in their element.

If you are new to the area and want to discover some exciting places to explore feel free to ask. We have a vast knowledge of the area and would be more than happy to point you in the direction of new routes!

dog friendly campsite

Pup Friendly Amenities

At Hook Farm Campsite, we understand that a dog is not just a pet, but a treasured member of the family. While our amenities are basic and just a littlw wild, we have all the necessities to keep their tails wagging all weekend long! These include a fresh water source and well-maintained showers to help keep the mud outside the tent.

Prepare Your Visit to Our Dog-Friendly Campsite

Nestled away in the heart of the Sussex Countryside, lies our dog-friendly campsite. Together you can make a brief return to nature and create lasting memories with your furry friend. Book your stay with us today and embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of the Sussex countryside with your best friend by your side!

The campsite is open during weekends and bank holidays only for the summer season from May to September.

While we celebrate the unique connection between man (or woman!) and their dog, we do ask that your dog is well-behaved and friendly. If your dog has poor recall, or a habit of raiding others barbeques, please ensure they are kept on a lead. 

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